Love and Light Healing


G.T. Merrimack, NH

When Russell came over I did not have any expectation, this was only” a shot in the dark,
What happened, during those sessions is hard to describe …
What I can say, is the things this man does are very real and nothing short of amazing!”
will definitely do it again…


Merrimack, NH

Janis and Randy West Fairlee, VT

Our Reconnection experience with Russell was life changing. He is a caring, insightful practitioner who came to our Vermont home to provide his services. Being at home gave us a level of ease, inclusiveness and love. He was very effective in tailoring the sessions to each of our needs and beliefs. We highly recommend Russell for Reconnection Healing work and The Reconnection process.

It will change your life too. You will move in the wind as does a tree.

Janis and Randy

West Fairlee, VT

Linda, Salisbury MA

My 12 year old dog Cocoa suffers from arthritis of the hips. He has a hard time sitting and climbing the stairs has been almost impossible for him. Because of his pain he has been lethargic and tends to spend a lot more time on his dog bed. Russ spent about an hour administering his Reconnective Healing therapy on Cocoa. At first Cocoa just kept looking at him as if to say ìWhat are you doing?î but as time went by he just accepted him being there. I think he felt the positive energy. To my surprise, the very next day Cocoa was walking better and his personality seemed to have changed overnight. He was playful and acting like his younger self. I have no idea how Reconnective Healing works but I can tell you this, seeing the change in my Cocoa has made me a true believer!


Salisbury MA

Joan, Manchester NH

My decision to ask Russell to assist me with the Reconnection was spot on. His presence is comforting and loving and his desire to serve, unbounded. My experience was absolutely more than I could have imagined and three weeks later……it continues. So, the Reconnection is a life changer, and Russell, the facilitator-Perfect.


Manchester NH

Dale Newmarket, NH

Russell brings light where darkness has clouded your true potential. Allowing Russell to cleanse your physical body and awaken your metaphysical being will surely revitalize your being; brining light and love into everything you do.


Newmarket, NH